About Us

We deliver on our promises. It’s as simple as that.

Founded here in Melbourne in July 2003, testadvance brings together expertise and learning’s from over 27 years in the global electronics & wireless industry. The company has worked with a variety of clients in a variety of places. We have been very fortunate in that our clients appreciate our rather pragmatic approach to technology and business. (Hence we avoid words like ‘leading’, ‘premier’, ‘superior’ and just focus on the matter at hand)

Our purpose is to provide value to the organisations and people involved. The ‘ingredients’ if you like that we bring to the engagement are broad: Competence and experience in technology and products; system design & delivery; business-, project- and relationship-management; consulting, requirements and business case/cost-benefit analyses; training, and support.

And there should always be a bottom line.

This is ours: We define success as how well we contribute to the purpose and success of the people and organizations we work with. As such we don’t put our values on display, we just apply them.


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Testadvance is based in Melbourne, Australia. We operate worldwide.Tel (Aus): 1300 559 376 Int'l: +61 3 8819 3591 e-mail: sales@testadvance.com
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