SoftRadio RMS

SoftRadio RMS. Intelligent, flexible, robust.

Each SoftRadio node includes all the ‘system intelligence’ to perform their function independently and self-reliant. No ‘platform SW’ is required and hence no single ‘point-of-failure’ exists. Node management is simple, flexible and robust. Operations can easily allocate and re-allocate resources, add or upgrade functions, devices and radios.

SoftRadio Consoles & RMS are simple and intuitive to use. SoftRadio runs on a standard Windows PC, touchscreen, laptop or tablet. Specialised terminals are not required, but can be used. Organisations can easily configure which nodes and applications operators can access. Consoles can be configured to best fit a given context or work-structure. Radio-over-IP (RoIP) allows organisations to make use of existing and cost-effective IT- infrastructure and devices. SoftRadio supports integration with non-radio communications and applications. A variety of add-ons and options can be added as and when needed. The console panel works seamlessly with Virtual Control Heads. Audio devices and external alarms & controls are easily connected.

  • P/N 2855 SoftRadio standard with 8 nodes (devices)
  • P/N 2855/30 SoftRadio XL with 30 nodes (devices), tabs and other options

A SoftRadio XL console allows one operator to handle up to 30 radio-communications simultaneously. In a network with more than 30 radios, different operators will typically handle different groups of radios on different consoles. SoftRadio XL allows to organise each group of radios on each console. This allows for example operators to share workloads across groups as no ‘hard’ boundaries need to be implemented. Or if needed, consoles can be limited to access only nodes within the designated group. For smaller networks, or networks with heavy traffic on fewer radios, the SoftRadio standard version handles up to 8 devices.

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