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Cost-factor, usability and uniform IT-support are key benefits of standard, off-the-shelf PCs and accessories. Here . Yet not every application and environment is suited to standard PCs. Some applications may require ruggedised equipment or need to meet specific user and operational needs. We can provide a range of options, from install packs for IT-departments and pre-configured PCs, over embedded or specialised PC and console equipment, to custom designed and fabricated units. Please contact us if you do not find what you require here.

Ruggedised vehicle console

Our OEM partner developed and delivered a custom console for a metropolitan train system in Sweden. The console consists of a dedicated touch screen that provides control of a TETRA two-way radio along with other functions.


The console can be configured to work with almost any radio system. The physical design can be made to fit any bus or train, or other type of heavy machinery. The panel is tested for EMC, shock, vibration and other environmental requirements. The front panel including the speaker is fully water proof. Please note that the console does not use a commonly available operating system (Windows, Android etc) eliminating the risk of hacking and viruses. Custom Vehicle Console

PTT Foot-switch – serial port P/N6001AU

This foot-switch is an industrial standard ‘full-metal’ design. It connects via a 9-pin SubD connector to a console PC’s serial port (RS-232), allowing the keyboard to be used while PTT is being pressed, e.g. to take notes or enter data into an application while on a call.

PTT Foot-switch – USB port P/N6002AU

This foot-switch is an industrial standard ‘full-metal’ design. It connects to a USB port on the console PC. The USB foot-switch is provided with an application to configure the key-strike the foot-switch emulates. Please note that the keyboard can not be used simultaneously with this PTT.

Stereo Headset P/N 4001

A high-end PC headset with microphone and 3.5mm stereo connection. The headset is designed for extended use and features an ‘open’ design that allows air and sound to reach the ears, avoiding overheating in prolonged use and maintaining situational awareness of the environment. It is lightweight (244g) and comes with a built-in volume control. The 3.5mm stereo interconnect allows direct access to internal and/or external soundcards.

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