Voice Log & Audio Combiner

Integrate, record and archive voice communications

P/N 2862 – VoiceLog, record and playback radio communications
P/N 2862/02 – VoiceLog Lite for 4 radios and 4 operators
P/N 4041 – Audio Combiner, integrate different audio streams

Dispatchers and radio-operators increasingly need to integrate multiple information streams. Radio networks are, of course only one means of communicating information in an organisation. Effective and efficient use of all voice communication is just as important as the management of the channels themselves.

VoiceLog & VoiceLog Lite

SoftRadio VoiceLog is a Windows server based application that allows operations to easily record and recall all audio communications system-wide (up to 30 base-radios and 200 consoles on the standard version, limited to 4 radios and 4 consoles on the VoiceLog Lite). With suitable backup, operations can record radio-communications for years.

VoiceLog supports both individual and system-wide use-models. A system administrator can recover and assess communications from all consoles and radios. An individual operator can use VoiceLog to ‘back-track’ past radio communications. This can be particularly useful when critical instructions were not acknowledged. Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can make VoiceLog more useful and beneficial to you.

Audio Combiner


The Audio Combiner allows a dispatcher on a SoftRadio console to simultaneously monitor and execute radio and phone communications. The device makes use of SoftRadio’s ability to reproduce audio on two separate channels and on different sound devices (sound cards). The Audio Combiner provides two headset ports with adjustable amplification and a mobile phone port. All devices can be operated in parallel.

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