CrossPatch, GroupSend & Receive Diversity

Extend the use of radio-resources

P/N 2867 – CrossPatch
P/N 3013 – GroupSend
P/N 3103 – Diversity Voting

SoftRadio add-ons and options are a convenient and cost-effective way to extend the capability of the SoftRadio Radio Management System. They can be included in an initial deployment, or they can be added as and when needed. We continually add features to the SoftRadio portfolio – often in conjunction with customer input. Please do let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can make SoftRadio more useful and beneficial to you. For a more detailed description, please see SoftRadio add-ons and options


CrossPatch adds the ability cross-connect radios of different frequencies and formats, e.g. linking analogue VHF radio-users to a digital talk-group via the RoIP channel. Up to eight radios can be in the same patch and each operator can make up to four patches at the same time.


GroupSend enables operators to very easily and clearly set-up a simultaneous transmission to multiple radios. SoftRadio provides a dedicated GroupSend panel for the option. Radios that are to be included in the GroupSend are selected via a ‘tick box’ on the device panel. To execute a group transmission, the GroupSend PTT is used. All radios in the group can be continued to be used as individual radios from their own panel. GroupSend allows to broadcast alerts, message and ‘pages’ across channels, bands and even different radio-formats and -systems.

Receive Diversity – ‘Diversity Voting’

Receive Diversity adds the capability to have SoftRadio automatically select the radio with best RF-path across the radios in a defined group. The application evaluates which radio currently has the strongest received signal on the group frequency or channel. The radio with the strongest signal is selected and SoftRadio takes the incoming call (yellow caption bar) from that radio. The algorithm to compare signal strengths is executed on the specific console, allowing different consoles to have different configurations. Multiple voting groups are supported and the number of radios is limited by the version of the SoftRadio console installed (8 for the standard SoftRadio, 30 for the XL version). Each console can have a different voting configurations and not all consoles need to have voting implemented.


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