Monitor location of radio-users and alarms on real-time maps

P/N 3125 – MapView application/server SW & single license
P/N 3125/02 – additional license

SoftRadio MapView is an add-on to SoftRadio that displays display the location of radios and alarms on a SoftRadio console PC. MapView displays and tracks the location and state of mobile/portable radios listed in the system. MapView allows an operator to locate a radio and centre/zoom the map to that radio. Alarms are highlighted and the map repositioned to that radio’s location. Please do let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can make MapView more useful and beneficial to you.
Additional information can be displayed simply by selecting the relevant icon or entry in the list. Fixed points can be marked on the map, for example an office location or a location of interest, and the view can be switched from a map to a satellite view. Location information is currently supported for Motorola MTM800E/5400/550 radios with further types in development.

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