Radio Call Options, CallLog & PhoneConnect

Further radio-call efficiency – integrate non-radio communications

P/N 2866 – Selective Calls & Speed Dial
P/N 3046 – LocalCallLog
P/N 28xx – PhoneConnect

SoftRadio add-ons and options are a convenient and cost-effective way to extend the capability of the SoftRadio Radio Management System. They can be included in an initial deployment, or they can be added as and when needed. We continually add features to the SoftRadio portfolio – often in conjunction with customer input. Please do let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can make SoftRadio more useful and beneficial to you. For a more detailed description, please see SoftRadio add-ons and options

Selective Calls & Speed Dial

Selective Calls & Speed Dial simplifies making selective calls directly from a SoftRadio console.To call a radio user from the list, an operator simply opens the CallList from the SoftRadio device panel and selects the radio user to call. Each console can have its own call list file. Currently supported are Private Calls over MotoTrbo in DMR mode, 5-tone and MPT-Systems and MDC signalling over MotoTrbo radios in analogue mode. With CallList, operators can allocate radio users to specific ‘base radios’ in ‘Radio nets’. The app automatically selects the correct base radio to send the call from. Similarly, CallList includes the required conditions needed by the radio, such as MPT, MDC or CCIR for analogue radios. A tone or FSK decoder is required in the RIU (available as an option).

Text Messaging is provided via a text function in the speed dial list window (for suitably capable radios). The operator can select a predefined message or enter text directly using the PC’s keyboard. Signalling tones (CCIR, EEA etc.) are generated on the console PC. This allows the use of radios without tone functionality to Call Options. Tones can be configured differently for different radios on the system. Read more: Using SoftRadio Call Options

Local CallLog – Land Mobile and Marine Radio

A Local CallLog is available for Land Mobile and Marine radio systems. The Local CallLog in conjunction with a tone-decoder in the RIU allows to log selective calls and trigger actions on the SoftRadio console. The tone decoder in the RIU (option) decodes the incoming tones and sends these as data messages to the SoftRadio console. An alarm call will be highlighted in red for higher visibility. The alarm can also be set to sound an alarm tone.

Local CallLog is as the name infers, local to a SoftRadio console. Different consoles can have different configurations, call groups etc. The calls will be presented in a list together with a timestamp and which radio the call came in on. The calls are both displayed in a user window that shows the latest calls and saved in a log file on the console PC. A new log file is created each day. Read more: Using SoftRadio Call Options

  • For Land Mobile Systems the RIU is used with the tone decoder for CCIR, ZVEI and EEA tone systems.
  • For Marine Radio Systems a FSK tone decoder for ATIS, DSC is used in the RIU Interface. ATIS calls can also be exported, e.g. to a GIS systems.


PhoneConnect adds the ability to make calls to the PSTN and/or cellular telephone-systems directly from the SoftRadio console. PhoneConnect adds a dial-pad menu to the standard SoftRadio screen. Connection to the PSTN line or cellular network is made through a special-purpose RIU. Connections to IP-Phone switches with SIP-protocol are made through the LAN with the NetworkRepeater as a gateway. Audio reproduction is the same as for radios via the selected sound device and headset or speakers. Each operator can have a dedicated phone line, or share one or more lines with other operators. Calls can be made, received and put on hold for other operators to take over. If the CrossPatch option is installed on the console, an operator can patch calls between phone and radio users. For analogue (PSTN), a special RIU connects to a two-wire DTMF line. For GSM (2G)/3G a special RIU is paired with a suitable 2G/3G modem. Satellite phones with PSTN connectivity can also be accessed.


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