Productivity Enhancements

Console options that assist operator productivity

P/N 3084 – I/O Control for remote I/O ports on RIU (SoftRadio XL)
P/N 2887/01 – Display Text Export (Motorola MTM & GM series)
P/N 2887/04 – External Alarm
P/N 2887/02 – Hook Switch emulator
P/N 3049 – Multiple Hotkeys (SoftRadio XL)
P/N 3085 – Programmable Softkeys (SoftRadio XL)

SoftRadio add-ons and options are a convenient and cost-effective way to extend the capability of the SoftRadio Radio Management System. They can be included in an initial deployment, or they can be added as and when needed. We continually add features to the SoftRadio portfolio – often in conjunction with customer input. Please do let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can make SoftRadio more useful and beneficial to you. For a more detailed description, please see SoftRadio add-ons and options

I/O Control for remote I/O ports on RIU (SoftRadio XL)

Allows an operator to remotely control the generic I/O ports on the network interface from within the SoftRadio console. Applications can be e.g. to deactivate a security system, access environmental sensors or monitor RF parameters such as SWR.


Display Text Export (Motorola MTM & GM series)

Allows to export the text displayed in Motorola MTM & GM radios to integrate with non-SoftRadio systems, for example to detect and export a special SDS message.

External Alarm

The add-on provides a logic output on the COM Port when a radio receives a selective call.

No shutdown

SoftRadio can be set up to start automatically and cannot be shut down by an operator.

Hook Switch emulator

For systems where console operators use handsets. The add-on allows to use the hook switch to control the console loudspeakers (on/off). Control is done via a data message over the network and can extend to control the speakers on other consoles.

Multiple Hotkeys (SoftRadio XL)

Allows the operator to assign different keys on the PC keypad (or external keypad) as the PTT for different radios, e.g. ‘1’ for Radio 1, ‘2’ for Radio 2, etc.

Programmable Softkeys (SoftRadio XL)

Allows an operator or administrator to create special shortcut keys within the SoftRadio RMS software. These can e.g. be used to execute common tasks on one or more radios without having to access the radio’s Virtual Control Head.

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