SoftRadio Console

Flexible, cost-effective & productive – one size does not fit all

P/N 2855/30 – SoftRadio Console XL (up to 30 devices on a single operator station)
P/N 2855 – SoftRadio standard (up to 8 devices on a single operator station)

SoftRadio Key Panels
The SoftRadio Radio Management System (RMS) allows implement and manage a radio network that best fits their needs and circumstances. Operators and users in turn can focus on the core tasks of exchanging and using information. Information is clear and functional, and only as complex as needed. Radio communications can be accessed from a PC anywhere within the organisation. Radios can be located to optimise both coverage and capacity. Existing radio-assets and infrastructure con be integrated, and their useable life-span extended. RMS functions can be used, allocated and added as and when needed. For example operators can be given access to embedded applications such as voice-logs and non-radio channels such as VoIP phone. Common applications such as e-mail and office tools are available on console. For further details please see SoftRadio Console Key Functions

Core Functions – Radio Panel




SoftRadio provides a wide range of settings that allow operators and administrators to configure consoles to best suit their work-processes and structures. Each console can be configured individually, in groups or system-wide. Settings can be ‘locked’ to the user as needed.


SoftRadio comes with a range of utilities provided within the same install-pack:

  • Connections SetUp utility and ConnectionsManager – configure & manage advanced SoftRadio communication settings and Network connections
  • Interface SetUp utility – configure the settings on the RIU

See also: SoftRadio System-Admin Utilities

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