IP/RoIP Networks & System Admin

Implementing two-way radio across IP-networks

P/N 2860/02 – Radio Server
P/N 2861 – Network Repeater (60 radio TCP-nodes) and P/N 2861/02 Network Repeater Lite (8 radio TCP-nodes)
P/N 3132 – SoftRadio Network Monitor

An organisation’s operational needs and objectives should determine how a radio network is implemented – not the constraints of location, devices, radio technology or indeed proprietary designs. SoftRadio Network Repeater and Radio Server are‘network building blocks’ that enable full, concurrent access to all nodes across different network topologies. Organisations can use these ‘building blocks’ to create a comprehensive radio-network – as and when it suits their needs and objectives. Read more: SoftRadio IP-Network Devices

  • Network Repeater suits configurations where multiple local consoles need to access non-local radio-nodes
  • Radio Server suits configurations where multiple local radio-nodes are accessed from multiple non-local consoles
  • For mixed topologies, Radio Server and Network Repeater can be employed together

SoftRadio Network Build-out

Network Repeater

Network Repeater is a server application that installs on Windows computers or Servers. Options include:

  • Intercom – Provides an Intercom between the operators.
  • Hot Standby – Allows to configure a backup Network Repeater in hot standby mode
  • SIP Phone – In development is an option to provide VoIP ‘Soft-phones’ as nodes on SoftRadio consoles – allowing full integration with radio-communications. Please contact us for further information.

Radio Server

Radio Server is a self-contained compact Linux computer with a browser-based admin console. The server has a capacity of 64 ports which can be configured for radio or console, for example:

  • 2 radios x 32 operators, 4 radios x 16 operators, 8 radios x 8 operators
  • 8 operators x 8 radios, 16 operators x 4 radios, 32 operators x 2 radios

SoftRadio Network Monitor

SoftRadio Network Monitor provides an efficient means to monitor the RoIP Network and its nodes.

SoftRadio Network Monitor

Example display for a SoftRadio system installed at an airport.

A graphical user interface displays the status of the network nodes (consoles) in both map-style and in table and message form, for the network and individual nodes. Historical, statistical and trend information is available. Alarms can be forwarded to e-mail(s) and via text-message.

See also SoftRadio System-Admin Utilities

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