RoIP / Radio Interfaces

Communication & Control

SoftRadio RoIP Interface Units (RIU) allow to connect to, and communicate with any two-way radio via an IP-Network. The SoftRadio operator console can be located anywhere with IP-access, be it an operations-room, off-site headquarters, a remote exploration site, or a mobile laptop. Virtual Control Heads (VCH) allow to control a radio over an IP connection using an interactive replica of the radio’s control head – just as if one was using the radio itself.


Connect to any two-way radio via IP-Networks

The versatility of the RIU allows for a wide range of uses. Limitations of location and access can be mitigated, or eliminated. Data can be sent to and utilised by a range of other applications, for example autonomous surveillance and monitoring, testing of radio modules or assemblies, or to connect e.g. remote VHF/HF radios.
RoIP Interface Basic Application
Different radio-types and applications can be connected to the RIU via 2-wire, 4-wire, and 6-wire interconnects. Generic RIUs are available in 600Ω, line-matched, line-level and -10dB configurations. Various trigger configurations are available, including open collector to GND, and AC or DC PTT via the Tx-line. Additional features such as general-purpose I/O ports, e.g. to control or monitor site-alarms and a transparent ‘virtual’ RS-232 connection.

New RIU and VCH capable units are continually in development. Please contact us for more information.

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