Economy RIU

New Economy RIU for voice communications

The Economy RIU supports full voice communication at an excellent price-point. The unit has been designed in consultation with customers for applications where functions beyond Audio & PTT (e.g. VCH or Selective Calls) are not required. Please note the 3130 series cannot be retro-fitted with options such as remote I/O, RSSI, Tone Decoders or Virtual Control Head capability.

P/N 3130 – Generic radio connection, mic level + speaker level + PTT
P/N 3130/02 – Generic radio connection, mic level + low AF output + PTT, audio tuned for Motorola radios

Economy RIU 3130 'LE'
The 3130 series provides excellent cost-benefit in applications such as remote access to Airband or Marine radios. The unit supports all SoftRadio functions that do not require capabilities beyond Audio/PTT. For example with the CrossPatch add-on, operations can use the economy RIUs to connect VHF Airband or Marine radios to consoles and ‘patch’ calls through to TETRA radios. Pre-configured Interconnect Kits (RIU/radio interconnect) are available for a range of radio models and manufacturers.

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