General Purpose RIUs

Full Audio/PTT connectivity to any transceiver via an IP-Network

P/N 3009/17 – via 6-wire, mic/spkr levels, PTT
P/N 3009/00 – via 6-wire, mic +lo AF output, PTT (tuned for Motorola CM & GM radios w/o virtual control head)
P/N 3009/09 – via 6-wire, line level in/out -10dB, PTT
P/N 3009/22 – via 4-wire, line level in/out -10dB, PTT via Tx line
P/N 3009/07 – via 2-wire, line level in/out -10dB, PTT via DC, or via AC (Tone) with option 2887/03
P/N 2864 – Tone Decoder Module CCIR/EEA/ZWEI, used in SoftRadio CallLog
P/N 3095 – FSK Decoder Module, used in SoftRadio CallLog

SoftRadio RIUs can be, and are deployed in a range of custom applications. For example multiple 4-wire RIUs are used to connect to transmitter and receiver assemblies in a test-bed. Other installations inlcude replacing leased lines for base-stations (2- & 4-wire RIUs) and voice-only applications such as the monitoring of remote Airband radios. Pre-configured Interconnect Kits (RIU/radio interconnect) are available for a range of radio models and manufacturers.

See also: SoftRadio RoIP Interface Units

PTT control, or indeed other control functions can be realised using one of the options shown in the table below. Custom or tailored options can also be provided.The audio received by the RIU can be used in a variety of ways as it is available in digital form. For example analyses can be executed using PC based applications, audio logs can be easily created and samples or records recorded and easily distributed.

Example 4-wire interconnect Audio/PTT

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