Hytera Radios

Hytera DMR and Analogue Radios

P/N 3009/26 – Hytera MD785/788 (VCH capability)
P/N 3009/09 – Hytera Analogue and DMR Radios (Audio/PTT only)
P/N 2864 – Tone Decoder Module CCIR/EEA/ZWEI, used in SoftRadio CallLog
P/N 3095 – FSK Decoder Module, used in SoftRadio CallLog

We are continually adding more types, please contact us if you do not find the model you require here. Pre-configured Interconnect Kits (RIU/radio interconnect) are available for the listed models.

Hytera MD785/788 DMR radios


A dedicated RIU for the MD785/788 provides remote control and Virtual Control Head (VCH) capability alongside Audio/PTT. VCH capability includes:

  • Remote audio and PTT
  • Channel/Talkgroup change
  • Presentation of channel/talkgroup alias name
  • Keys P1-P4 with short and long press
  • Presentation of the radio ID of the transmitting radio in a DMR group (Radio ID number not alias)
  • Icons for; receiving, transmitting, scanning, H/L-power

More functions are being continually added. The radio can be simultaneously used both in SoftRadio and via the standard control head, microphone and speaker. All connections are made from the rear 26 pin connector on the radio.

The 3009/26 RIU provides full integration of the MD785/788 radios across the entire SoftRadio network, including access from multiple dispatcher consoles, and options such as VoiceLog, CrossPatch, etc.

Hytera Analogue and DMR Radios (Audio/PTT only)

The Audio/PTT ‘only’ connectivity provides full voice communications between one or more dispatchers and radio traffic. Remote access allows to for example locate the radios to optimise RF performance. A CrossPatch option e.g. allows dispatchers to connect radio-communications between e.g. an analogue Hytera radio and a TETRA radio, a MPT radio or other formats.

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