Sepura TETRA Radios

Sepura SRM2000/3500 & SRG3500/3900

P/N 3009/08 – SRM2000, SRM3500, SRG3500, SRG3900 (using display of the 3500)

We are continually adding more types, please contact us if you do not find the model you require here. Pre-configured Interconnect Kits (RIU/radio interconnect) are available for the listed models.

VCH operation: The RIU provides full remote control of the radio from the SoftRadio console. All replicated ‘buttons’ provide access from a touch screen, or via mouse or short cuts on the standard keyboard. All connections are made from one of the control head connectors on the radio. The standard control head can be left connected to the other port and will work in parallel with the virtual control head. The radio needs no special programming.

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