Sirius Ruggedised Control Head

Ruggedised control head for outdoor use

The Sirius Control Head is a compact and rugged device panel for Motorola MotoTrbo radios (DM4600, DM4601, XPR5550, DGM8000, XiRM8660 and XiRM8668). Sirius can be installed in environments and applications not suitable to the standard radio control head. Importantly, the Sirius Control Head provides users with access to both analogue and digital DMR channels. Support of other radio types is in development, including MTM5400 TETRA terminals.

Built tough for tough work

The Sirius Control Head is designed and built to meet the demanding requirements of outdoor mobile operations, such as in Public Safety, Defence, Border Patrol and Emergency Services. Sirius is well suited to commercial applications such as Forestry & Agriculture, Mining & Offshore Operations, Construction, Transport and also for example Ski, Diving and Adventure Resorts.

Sirius has been optimised in cooperation with customers to provide the best balance of reliability and ease-of-use in demanding environments. The Sirius Control Head provides the key functions a user needs to access quickly and safely while ‘on the move’. A quick access menu provides the core functions of channel/talkgroup, volume control and display intensity. Only a few ‘clicks’ are needed to access to the full menu of the DM4600. Handling difficult situations is greatly simplified – all that is required to trigger an emergency call is a long press on the panel-display. Of course all the detailed functions of the radio remain accessible as and when needed on the radio itself, for example when the vehicle is standing still.

  • Suits a wide range of environments & applications
  • Readable in all light conditions
  • Touch screen operated, interactive menus
  • Easy to use, including when wearing safety & foul weather gear
  • Analogue and digital channels
  • Standard DM4600 control head fully usable
  • Range of mounting options, including custom installation

Sirius suits a wide range of vehicle installations such as motorcycles, quad-bikes, snowmobiles or boats, fire trucks, heavy machinery, even the deck of a ship. The Sirius Control Head is dust and water proof to IP67 and certified from -30°C to +70°C. The transflective display is highly readable in bright sunlight while minimising glare in dark conditions. The panel is easily usable when wearing safety or foul weather gear. The Sirius Control Head can be mounted for best useability, while the transceiver itself can be mounted in a suitably protected location.

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