Special Purpose RIUs

SoftLine RIUs

P/N 3009/10 – SoftLine virtual four wire interconnect via RoIP, (line-level -10dB)
P/N 3009/21 – SoftLine virtual four wire interconnect via RoIP, (line-level mic/spkr levels)
P/N 3009/12 – SoftLine Control Head Extension Motorola GM380 / GM1280, Control Head side
P/N 3009/13 – SoftLine Control Head Extension Sepura SRG3500, Control Head side
P/N 3009/14 – SoftLine Control Head Extension Sepura SRG3500, Transceiver side

SoftLine provides a solution to extend control head functionality via an IP-Network without using a PC-based console. In some operations, there may be restrictions on using a PC as a control device for a radio, or the preference may be to retain the physical control head as the sole means of using a radio remotely. This is often the case when replacing an expensive leased-line (PSTN) connection with an IP-connection. Pre-configured Interconnect Kits (RIU/radio interconnect) are available for a range of radio models and manufacturers. See also: SoftRadio RoIP Interface Units

To extend a remote control head via an IP-Network, two SoftLine RIUs are used ‘back-to-back’. One RIU connects the radio transceiver to the IP-Network as in the standard implementation of SoftRadio, while a second RIU connects a standard control head to the IP-Network, in effect replacing the function of the SoftRadio PC-console. SoftLine is available in a generic configuration and in configurations optimised for Motorola GM380 / GM1280 and Sepura SRG3500 radios.

The SoftLine pairing for a Motorola GM380/GM1280 uses a specifically configured RIU at the control end, and a standard GM380/GM 1280 RIU (P/N 3009/03 ) at the transceiver. At the control head, the standard speaker and microphone can be used and multiple control heads can be connected. The SoftLine kit for the Sepura SRG3500 uses two specifically configured RIUs (P/N 3009/13 and P/N 3009/14). At the control head side, the standard speaker and microphone can be used. The control head RIUs for both have a built in speaker amplifier.

PhoneConnect RIUs

P/N 2725/00 – PSTN Interconnect for PSTN (POTS) phone-line to SoftRadio
P/N 3009/11 – GSM Interconnect, connects compatible modem to SoftRadio (GSM/3G Module not included)

See also: SoftRadio Radio Call Options and Log

Intercom P/N 2730

Intercom RIUs are also available for operations that need to connect different operators via a wireline. For example Intercom units can be used in Command Control Vehicles to extend communication into tunnels and other areas were RF communications are not possible or severely degraded. The Intercoms are connected in one talk group for all operators with an active intercom on the console. Several intercom RIUs can be connected to the same wire line. If the CrossPatch is installed on a console, an intercom call can be patched to a radio channel or phone line. It is also possible to connect two Command Control Vehicles together through the intercom wire line ports.

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